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Lauterach Hofsteig Recycling Depot

The new depot for recyclable refuse is situated at the point where a rigidly laid out industrial estate and the untouched expanse of the Lauterach Moor nature reserve collide. The new building is conceived as a street-facing, compact volume which adopts the angular geometry of the neighbouring biomass power plant. The internal organisation is simple, intuitive and follows the steps in reprocessing the gathered waste. In reference to the distinctive architecture seen within the nature reserve, the main hall has been imagined as a soaring roof canopy over light, open facades providing protection from the elements. Between the concrete plinth and seemingly weightless roof stands a porous filter between inside and out made from angled timber planks. The openness of the scale-like structure serves to create not only good protection from the weather, but also a balance between high privacy and good views and ventilation.

Design team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Michael Mayer, Lukas Glogger
Client: Altstoffsammelzentrum Hofsteig GmbH
Competition 2015