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Bad Toelz Spa And Wellness Centre

The new spa reacts to its natural and man-made backdrop with a modest and precise freestanding building. The volume has been offset from Bockschützstraße slightly. This opens the wellness area to views towards the Isar River, which gives the area its character, without obscuring the spa within its urban setting.  A respectful distance is also maintained from the riverbank. A design concept based on the stacking of different functions organises the building across three levels. Flooding concerns dictated that the base be constructed in reinforced concrete. The slightly raised ground floor is reached via a passage running parallel to the street containing a ramp and staircase. From here one reaches a generous foyer leading to changing rooms and all service areas. A built landscape for all sauna areas, including a private spa, cleanliness facilities as well as gastronomy is located in the upper levels with unhindered views. The building takes the form of a two storey timber structure standing on a solid base. The façade consists of timber planks which vary in size and spacing depending on the use within. Traditional ice saws and peat shovels typical of the region are reinterpreted in architectural terms for the interior. Certain functions such as the sauna, dark retreat rooms, circulation, secondary rooms and sauna courtyards are organised orthogonally on one level. The lively composition develops a certain internal landscape whose negative spaces are occupied by the foyer, pools, bright retreat rooms and the restaurant.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Tobias Beyrer
Client: Bad Toelz City Council
Competition 2016 4th Prize