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Bildstein parish church Redesign

The redesign of the parish church is predicated on a sensitive restoration of existing space. The nave remains as is; a large, open space. Specific remedial and removal works should return the core structure to its baroque essence. The reimagined parish church returns to its original purpose as pilgrimage destination and the foundation thereof. This also concerns the radical increase in the use of churches as places of marian devotion. The miraculous image of the Virgin Mary from 1390 is to be moved back to the central axis. The two other Virgin Mary figures – the Pietà dated 1700 and the Holy Mary from Siege dated 1760 – are to be placed right and left on the wall of the choir arch. As the pilgrimage’s destination, the miraculous image is given due prominence by placing it as a centrepiece among the two other statues of Mary. It becomes the focal point and its effect is thereby intensified. The pilgrim is guided ceremoniously through the final steps of his journey to the destination. The different figurative representation of each of the three Mary figures provides help for individual concerns and personal circumstances. Shifting the altar forwards changes the character of the space. The altar now stands in the centre of the light streaming in from the apses on both sides. It is accompanied by the ambo and cross. Further liturgical areas are located on each side of the altar: on the right, the theme of BAPTISM with the elements of font and Paschal candle. On the left is the theme LORD, with tabernacle and eternal light. The entire room shell is to shine uniform in a light and soft white. All of the floor surfaces, with exception of the pew areas, are to be finished in Schwarzachtobler sandstone.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Michael Mayer, Daniela Miller, Miriam Gruppe
Client: Bildstein Parish
Competition 2015 2nd Prize