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Bregenz-Hard Cyclist Bridge

The new bridge crossing the Bregenzer Ache is conceived as a simple trough structure made from two timber box girders. All structural components are concealed below the parapet line, allowing open views in all directions. Due to the elevation of the structural members, the shoreline of Lake Constance remains visible even as far away as the neighbouring road bridge. The seamless continuation of construction and form from Hard’s foreland area means that not only observers but also bridge users are afforded the impression of a unified ribbon of bridges across a range of different landscapes. The simple main bridge is a symmetrical, tripartite trough structure which spans 60 metres in the central section and 30 in each of the edge sections. The choice of weatherproof steel (Corten) was developed in tandem with the structural system and reduced to a few simple components for the sake of manufacturing economy. The roadway surface consists of prefabricated concrete elements with a non-slip surface. Through the restrained design of structure, material and form, the bridge gains the appearance of elegant levity, poetry and implicitness. As a result, the bridge gains a distinctive, easily recognisable appearance – even from further afield – and maximum experience value.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Martin Ladinger, Christian Schmölz in collaboration with SSD/WRS Civil Engineers
Client: Bregenz City Council / Hard Local Council
Competition 2009, 2nd prize