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Dornbirn Buendtlitten Development

The Bündlitten workers’ estate, designed by Otto Mallaun, is an important example of early twentieth century industrial architecture. Following English precedents, Bündlitten is laid out as a garden estate, a pioneering innovation at the time. Now listed monuments, the staggered terrace houses with their comb-like balconies are complemented by secondary buildings on the garden side. Three new wood buildings fan out on the central site. The masterplan for the southern site is derived from the gently curved theme of the primary structure. A rectangular two storey building completes the composition of linear buildings which underpins the whole estate. The characteristic ‘village green’ spirit of the original estate has been preserved, thanks to the new buildings which fill a gap in the site’s enclosure. The staggered height of the new building comes from the staggered theme of the existing structures and responds to the sloping site. A variety of front gardens reinterpret themes already present in the surroundings and lend the estate a generous, unique atmosphere. The seeming levity of the wooden volumes is enhanced by the various cantilevers. A terrace with built-in flowerbeds faces west, while to the east a slender balcony faces towards the stream and forest. In the solid plinth, generous, open and readily customisable living spaces occupy the space on either side of the double-aspect circulation areas.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Tobias Beyrer, Lukas Glogger, Martin Ladinger
Client: FMH Holding, Dornbirn
Competition 2016 2nd Prize