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Dornbirn Edlach Primary School

Edlach Primary School is located amongst a planned group of predominantly two-storey buildings from the 1970s with set-back upper storeys. Cukrowicz Nachbaur’s extension of the existing school building is lateral only, respecting both the orthogonal site planning and two-storey stepped building volumes of the surroundings.  The new building also adopts the theme of three adjoined buildings from its neighbours. A fluent layout across both storeys makes for intuitive navigation and short internal distances.  From outside, the two-storey volume integrates seamlessly with its surroundings.

Design Team:  Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Philipp Schertler, Johanna Brunner
Client:  City Dornbirn
Competition:  2012 4th Prize