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Biberach Fire Station

The site is located in an industrial area not far from the city centre, bounded by Biberach’s old town to the south and the train tracks to the east. The clearly defined, two storey volume parallel to the train tracks is the compact new home to all the fire station’s requirements. Various inner courtyards punctuate the upper level, ensure adequate daylight ingress and flood the vehicle halls with natural light. A separate five storey volume combines the hose tower with apartments in an eye-catching frontage towards the city centre. Through this prominence the tower engages with the wider city, offering a self-confident but restrained accentuation in the urban fabric. Reducing openings in the exterior to a carefully considered few has generated a powerful volume with lively facades. The organisational structure of the new fire station has been translated into two functional units: the volunteer fire brigade, and the District Fire Service Association (the KFLV). A continuous, two storey foyer unites both units. The fire station’s solid concrete construction defines its appearance in the workshops and vehicle halls with the robust and durable combination of concrete and steel. A façade of perforated aluminium elements serves to create a unified and understated outward appearance.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Philipp Schertler, Anika Kienzle, Christian Schmölz
Client: Biberach an der Riss City Council
Competition 2013, 3rd prize