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Feldkirch Fire Station

The site for a new fire station serving the city of Feldkirch is surrounded by large buildings: multi-storey apartment blocks to the north, a school to the southwest and a nursing home to the northwest. Other characteristics of the site are its central location as well as its proximity to the Reichenfeld Park. Currently the buildings along the Reichenfeld have created an artificially hard edge against the otherwise natural setting. The new fire station reacts to this context with a geometrically clear but inconspicuous building located on the very edge of the park, continuing the clear edge between natural and man-made. By positioning the new building along the site’s perimeter, it stands apart from the school’s sports hall and the apartment building and therefore doesn’t block any daylight from reaching its neighbours. The fire station and hose tower create a new courtyard in front of the sports hall. The fire station is housed in a single two-storey building. Clear and short circulation routes guarantee an optimised response when the fire brigade is called. The new fire station building is conceived in solid concrete enclosed in curtain façade. The outer surface consists of almost identically sized galvanised steel elements which vary in function and finish, demonstrating the technical nature of the building’s use. Internally, the common areas are clad in robust plywood panels.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Martin Ladinger
Client: Feldkirch City Council
Competition 2005, 2nd prize