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Hoechst Primary School

The quality of the area is enriched by its lush parklands in which various pedestrian axes converge. Each one of the high quality mature trees has been retained. The school building is a restrained addition in keeping with its surroundings, the compact volume adopting the two-storey height of the neighbouring structures. The building is orientated along the main travel axis into the new neighbourhood. Along this axis, a roofed forecourt offers a versatile, sheltered outdoor area for the benefit of both the school and the neighbourhood. The design is based on the idea of the treehouse. Classrooms are located on the upper floor, protected within the tree canopy. To get the most out of natural light throughout the day, every classroom is double aspect: open to both the east and the west. An open, two-storey form serves to simplify navigation and reduce vertical travel within. The learning environment is conceived as a collective of self-contained units divided into smaller, manageable and child-friendly zones. In harmony with its parkland setting and purpose as a place of encounter with the natural environment, the use of structural timber is proposed.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Anika Kienzle, Clemens Haemmerle, Johanna Brunner, Simon Metzler, Stefan Abbrederis, Paulus Cukrowicz
Client: Hoechst Community
Competition 2013, Honourable Mention