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Linz Hummelhof Baths

Instead of another extension and conversion of the already functionally, structurally and visibly patchwork existing buildings, this project proposes completely rebuilding the swimming complex. The replacement building takes the form of a clear, three storey volume organised along the edge of the Hummelhof forest. Complex inter-relationships among functions within the building are accommodated by simple spatial and structural systems. The transparent ground floor area contains, apart from the swimming pool, all public areas. Transparency is used here to make the presence and proximity of the forest tangible, even from within the baths. The sauna and wellness areas are held in a floating volume. Here the façades are opaque, with light seeping in through openings leading to large terraces in the wellness area, as well as courtyards in the sauna area. This internal structure and the various ways light is allowed to enter create interesting spatial experiences and an ever changing view into the vivid bustle of the outdoor pool, the serenity of the planted courtyards or the green arboreal landscape of the forest.
Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Martin Ladinger, Stefan Abbrederis, Michael Cukrowicz
Client: Linz AG
Competition 2005