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Power plant control centre Tirol

The original, unaltered power plant building stands as an impressive architectural monument and important artefact of the 1970s. Steep, forested slopes towards the south, the mountain range to the north and Inn Valley to the west contribute to the place’s natural character. The contemporary building was composed of multiple elongated volumes which vary in width, height and depth. Similarly, the entire complex is organised orthogonally. The new control centre building has grown out of this orthogonal structure, and further explores the theme of parallel stratification. As a result, the architecture appears quiet and restrained. The architectural dominance and self-assured air of the existing power plant remains undisturbed as the new building stands separately on the periphery. An optical and functional equilibrium thereby comes into being, a harmonious coexistence. The long, single storey visitor centre has been developed on a site between a cluster of trees and the road. As a connecting element between the visitor centre and power plant, a covered exhibition route is proposed. All buildings and masonry elements are designed to form a coherent ensemble with the existing power plant and become part of an artificial landscape among man-made features in the terrain.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Christian Schmölz, Martin Ladinger
Client: TIWAG Tiroler Wasserkraft AG Innsbruck
Competition 2011, 3rd prize