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Davos Ice rink roof canopy

The National Ice Sport Centre’s existing outdoor ice rink is to be redeveloped as a more versatile covered venue for ice hockey, among other events. The complex is defined by its ice stadium, sport centre and outdoor facilities. The concept for the new roof canopy reacts to this setting by taking the form of a clearly defined volume. The existing ice rink and the tiered seating will be retained in their entirety. The long sides of the new rectangular hall will be glazed from bottom to top, ensuring adequate daylight. The fall of incoming light follows the slope of the landscape, as well as the seating tiers and steps descending towards the speed skating rink. The façade material is aluminium, stretched like a metallic skin over the external surfaces of the new buildings. The spaces within are enclosed seamlessly behind metal panels. Finely perforated metal screens around the windows provide permanent sun protection and offer visitors a practically unobstructed view across the Davos mountainscape. The roof is considered the fifth façade and as such has also been finished in perforated metal panels. Larch decking is used for the stands and the pathways around the ice rinks. To reconcile the relationship between the construction’s mass and height, a steel structure was developed which mediates between the neighbourhood of villas to the northwest and the complexities of the project site.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Michael Stöckler
Client: Landschaft Gemeinde Davos
Competition 2001, 1st prize