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Feldkirch Illsteg bridge

The new bridge over the River Ill for pedestrians and cyclists will be constructed as a direct continuation of the trail from Meiningen on the site of an old suspension bridge. The site’s character comes from the expansive woodlands flanking the Ill on both sides and the nearby confluence with the Rhine. The bridge is a symmetrical, three part suspension bridge with a span of 42 metres in the centre part and 23 metres on each side. The material palette and structural system were developed with transparency, elegant lightness, simplicity and legibility in mind. The structure deflects lightly underfoot, adding an additional sense of excitement to crossing the river. This also makes the structural action tangible and offers users an experience over and above the simple crossing of a bridge.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Martin Ladinger, Michael Cukrowicz with merz kley partner construction engineers, Dornbirn
Client: Feldkirch City Council / Meiningen Town Council
Competition 2005