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Appenzell Indoor Swimming pools

The three storey volume asserts itself on the surrounding topography, presenting the pool complex as a self-confident but understated intervention in its context. The volume is divided into three overlaid layers: plinth, bathing and wellness. This design means that the building can be optimally orientated, while outwardly expressing its purpose and layout. The sensation of immersing oneself in a body of water, from the dive up to the point of resurfacing was the key design generator.  Memories of expansive seascapes combine with the building’s dramatic views to underscore the architectural theme of movement. Special sequences of functions and atmospheres heighten the perceptive experience of an encounter with our most precious commodity in all its forms: water, steam and ice.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Christian Schmölz, Simon Metzler, Johanna Brunner, Thomas Marte, Heinz Hafner
Client: Hallenschwimmbad Appenzell AG CH
Commissioned study 2013 2nd Prize