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Roethis Kindergarten

The kindergarten adopts the established theme of buildings scattered along the ascending street, while also respecting the urban fabric by assuming a freestanding, two storey form. The building slips into the base of the hill and uses the sloping terrain to connect its two levels. The building’s shape leaves the view of the school open, while increasing the church’s prominence. The building is conceived as self-contained, with large openings connecting all rooms directly to the natural surroundings. The architecture is based on a simple, intuitive layout with a variety of spatial qualities and a pleasant atmosphere. The upper level accommodates cloakrooms, sanitary facilities, the quiet room and the group room, with breakout space in between. The ground floor holds the shared functions. The main entrance area is generously designed and can act as a covered play area. A roof window above the stairs is an unexpected influence on the light and atmosphere which also draws light down to the ground floor and offers a subconscious pull to the upper levels. The new kindergarten has been conceived as a masonry structure. The outward appearance is shaped by the interplay of smooth, bright surfaces with large, textured façade panels. The interiors are finished in warm timber surfaces.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Martin Ladinger, Christian Schmoelz, Emanuel Gugele
Client: Roethis Town Council
Competition 2008, 2nd prize