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Arbon Leben-Am-See Apartments

The project occupies a scenic urban estate in Arbon Bay, on the banks of Lake Constance. The design draws on this parkland setting with a composition of three buildings of varying heights, united by a common one-storey plinth which responds to the urban context. As a counterpoint to the uninterrupted panorama to the south, this milestone tall building announces the creation of a new urban quarter with destination restaurants and well-appointed residential areas. Leben-Am-See tower serves as an urban landmark and recognisable symbol for the area. The buildings are staggered in height towards the north, thus mediating between the existing buildings along Bahnhofstrasse. Slight rotation of each freestanding volume optimises views and transparency as well as sunlight reaching the living areas. Generous distances between towers frame interesting views and bring the experience of the lake into the second row of buildings. Every apartment has a lake view as well as abundant natural light and universal wheelchair access. The new building exudes elegance and understated class: a self-assured presence which nevertheless slips harmoniously into the parkland setting.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Anika Kienzle, Johanna Brunner, Clemens Hämmerle, Martin Ladinger, Christian Schmölz with Cukrowicz Landscapes, Winterthur
Client: HRS Real Estate AG, Frauenfeld
Competition 2013