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Marchtrenk nursing home

Three courtyards cut from the three storey building punctuate the interior and create a variety of different atmospheres, both inside and out. Central cores house all general nursing functions on each level. Three clusters of living quarters are located on each of the upper storeys, with two more on the ground floor alongside the communal functions. The courtyards deliver light deep into the interior and follow the circulation routes. Masonry construction will be used for the new nursing home’s main structure, while the facades will be finished in prefabricated timber elements. By simple variations in a limited number of different elements in the same material, the façade offers aesthetic variety without losing a reassuring sense of order. Native timber will also be used for the interiors, serving to create a homely atmosphere and natural colour palette. The design for outdoor areas is tailored to the residents’ needs. The inner courtyard is punctuated by green areas of varying size and planting which serves as a sheltered garden in tandem with the changing seasons. Other outdoor space is conceived as a part of the routes around the nursing home, acting as a place of encounter and entertainment.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Georg Bechter, Michael Cukrowicz
Client: LAWOG Linz
Competition 2005, 2nd prize