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Modular Office Building

Omicron is a globally-orientated, market leading power systems engineering company, based in the Vorarlberg district of Klaus. Omicron commissioned Cukrowicz Nachbaur to conceptually develop a modular construction system which they could use for their own office buildings anywhere in the world. The brief required that each module be transportable, economical and demountable.
Cukrowicz Nachbaur’s proposal not only develops the modular system, but also visualises how readily it adapts to a range of different conditions and places. The architecture embodies the innovation, creativity, transparency, openness and employee-centric culture which underpin the company’s success.
Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Martina Berlinger, Philipp Schertler, Christian Schmölz.
Client: Omicron electronics Klaus
Study commissioned 2009