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Moerschwil Sports hall

Surrounded by a large fruit garden, the site falls gently towards the north to embrace expansive views of Lake Constance. The new volume has been conscientiously placed in the northwest corner of the site, directly facing a multipurpose building, in order to create a new gateway at the entrance to Moerschwil. The sports hall is composed as a compact basic volume with a small number of large openings. The functions with a public character – including the foyer, club rooms and gym – are combined in a transparent insertion within the main volume. A prominent opening in the north facade serves to light the main hall and allows views of Lake Constance from every position on the ground floor. A continuous roof light brightens the mezzanine level and, in combination with individual roof windows across the open-plan floor, enables daylight to enter the building from both sides. All three parts of the hall are accessible from two central entrances. The audience stands are optimised in both layout and execution: accessible from the foyer level, while the equipment room can be reached at the same time from the hall. Both when retracted and in use, the tiered seating forms a flush surface with the wall and thereby doesn’t impinge upon the useable area. The functional separation of sporting activity and spectators is always certain.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Martin Ladinger with Cukrowicz Landscapes, Lauterach
Client: Municipality Moerschwil
Competition 2006