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Koenigsbrunn Multi-generation house

The multi-generation house’s design concept reacts to the established structure of the neighbourhood – a generous garden with three freestanding buildings serving the common good: church, rectory and kindergarten. The three compact, scattered buildings use their varying height and shape to relate to the surroundings. Seemingly random placement was chosen to create clearly ordered outdoor spaces of varying size and character. All three buildings follow the same underlying logic: the main functions and residential spaces are organised in a ring around a central hall. By separating the halls, the opportunity to create different spatial situations arises. These halls are lit from above, preventing overheating. The intimacy of the ground floor living areas is enhanced by raising the building onto a 60cm plinth. By creating enclosed loggias and avoiding individual gardens, every green area can come to serve as communal space. High-ceilinged common rooms are placed to follow the terrain; designed to be recognisable even from the outside, while still being integrated seamlessly into the whole building. The structural concept is simple and avoids load-bearing internal walls, enabling a high degree of flexibility.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Martin Ladinger, Martina Berlinger, Christian Schmoelz in partnership with DI Walter Unterrainer, Feldkirch
Client: Gesellschaft für Wohnungsbau und Gewerbeansiedlung der Stadt Koenigsbrunn m.b.H.
Competition 2009, 5th prize