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Nüziders learning center

The existing primary school in Nüziders, designed by the C4 collective, stands today as an important architectural artefact and a jewel of 1960s design. The original building can be characterised as a single-storey structure wrapped around a courtyard, with double-aspect main rooms receiving daylight from two sides. The design is derived from the near-flat immediate context, but visual connections to the surrounding mountain ranges embed the spatial experience in the wider natural hierarchy. The child-friendly scale of C4’s original complex readily lends itself to use as a kindergarten. On the site of the current sports hall, a new perpendicular building continues the established system of corridors and double-aspect main rooms, while also creating a conclusion for the composition of buildings towards the southwest. The elevated Spagolla building will accommodate a music school and facilities for a musicians’ association. Both conversions rely on minimal intervention into the existing building and an economical approach to the room brief. An optimised new school building is proposed for the land currently occupied by the kindergarten, which would stand parallel to the Spagolla building and emphasise it. The theme of embedding a building in the wider landscape has been carried through to the new additions and their design expression. This strategy furthermore generates a clear hierarchy of functions, which will benefit the everyday running of the school and the legibility of its components.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Michael Mayer
Client: Nüziders Local Authority
Competition 2017 4th prize