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Gaissau Children´s House

The new nursery building is a two-storey solitaire which derives its height from the surrounding buildings, as well as its scale and elongated form from the two public buildings directly opposite. The pavilion-like new structure is organised along the existing pathway and forms together with the primary school and the hall an architectural ensemble. This pathway has been broadened to create a series of piazza-like outdoor spaces. Together the new building and public space form a campus-like situation. All of the entrances are focussed towards the new centre. The existing nut tree is integrated into the building concept and forms the centre of the new building’s courtyard. The building is clearly structured with large openings to the outside. All rooms have direct contact with the surrounding nature and some open onto the calm inner courtyard too. The sequence of group rooms, auxiliary rooms, terraces and corridors offers a variety of possibilities for creative play and open working. The new build of the Kindergarten has been conceived as a timber structure. Reflecting their public use, ground floor rooms will be made more robust in wood and polished screed, while the rooms on the upper floor will be designed as warm wooden snugs. The horizontal structure of the facades transfers the openness of the inner zones to the outside.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Michael Mayer, Miriam Gruppe
Client: Municipality of Gaissau
Competition 2015 2nd Prize