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Koblach Parish Church redesign

The Parish Church at Koblach is located on the edge of a scenic plateau on the southern slope of the Kummenberg Mountain. Originally built in 1905-1907 to a design by the Swiss architect Rimli of Frauenfeld, subsequent alterations have been detrimental to the quality and atmosphere of the historical interior. This intervention treats the existing space conscientiously. The form of the nave as one grand space remains unchanged. The altar has been positioned within the nave becoming closer to the attendees and taking its place in the dramatic central volume. The existing choir has been re-imagined as a space for weekday church services.
Two new windows will be placed along the existing axes to match the restructured interior. The new arrangement gives the altar its due prominence as the orientating element for both the nave and weekday chapel. The array of windows brings light into the church from both sides at all times of the day.
The steps leading up to the altar define three discrete spaces: the central altar island and two adjoining platforms for adorations. The right such platform is dedicated to the Lord, hosting the tabernacle and crucifix while the left side is dedicated to Saint Mary, represented by a figure of her and an area of sacrificial candles.
Internal walls will be painted in uniform, brilliant white while certain stucco work will be subtly accented in gold. The vaults and pillars will be restored to their historic colouring.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Simon Metzler, Christian Schmölz
Client: the Parish of Koblach
Competition 2011 1st Prize