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Red Cross Centre Vorarlberg Feldkirch

The draft picks out as a central theme the main purpose of the Red Cross as a neutral and all-time present organization. A solid square building compound arranged equally in all directions is the central element of a neutral area. The position of the building and its formal organization are designed in a way that intends to give the greatest possible presence to the building in the entire area. The individual levels of the three-level-building are divided horizontally into three zones each: a central zone with transparent lounges and conference areas which are accessible from one central area. Parallel to this central zone, functional zones are created on each side. The right-angled twist of the individual levels results in a cross structure in the vertical overlay. A central three-level- airspace makes this structure experiencable and provides for sufficient and exciting light exposure of the main areas. The color design in the interior of the building reflects the two colors of the logo: red and white. The inner structure defines the outside appearance of the building.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Michael Stoeckler, Markus Cukrowicz
Client: Oesterreichisches Rotes Kreuz
Competition 2000 1st Prize, Construction 2002