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Feldkirch Liechtensteinerstrasse Redevelopment

Before the modern road was built, Liechtensteinerstra├če was the thoroughfare from Feldkirch to Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Buildings along the route were accordingly afforded a certain prestige. While the oldest buildings (the ensemble between Liechtensteinerstra├če and the Heiligkreuz bridge known as ‘Im Kehr’) remain in excellent condition, due in part to their protection as listed monuments, the vacant and variously dilapidated buildings elsewhere along the street reflect Liechtensteinerstra├če’s bygone importance. Urban planning studies should first explore building along the street and in the row behind. The design concept proposes four- and five storey structures along the street which use subtle setbacks in their facades to reflect the buildings opposite. These setbacks further serve to visibly break up the new building into volumes typical of the area, and which reflect its suburban character. The second row of buildings comprises eight four storey structures with a square footprint placed along the slope of the land. Townhouses subtly descend along the base of the slope from north to south. This use of repeated, freestanding volumes creates good permeability on the sloping site.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm
Client: Feldkirch City Council
Competition 1999, 1st prize