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Satteins fire station

The site gets its character from the gentle slope, the adjacent crossroads and the millstream which flows along the southern boundary. The fire station is housed entirely within a single two storey volume. The vehicle hall on the ground floor has adopted the prevailing building height along Mühlebachstrasse. The command centre and on-call room sit above the fire engines but nestled into the slope to provide step-free access from the rear. The main entrance is also the main access point when the fire brigade is called to respond, and accordingly it leads directly to the changing area. The required auxiliary spaces are located off the vehicle hall, embedded in the hillside towards the northern end of the site. By placing all key areas on the same level as well as ensuring that the route between them is short and clear, the design provides for the optimal preparation of an emergency response. The upper level, which is oriented on a north-south axis, is divided into main- and secondary zones, including all training and administrative areas. The hose tower completes the new open square; its design underpinned by the theme of building beside the millpond, as seen on Mühlgasse. The millstream remains open until a path crosses over it, with a bridging steel grate facilitating vehicular access to the entire forecourt area.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm
Client: Satteins Local Council
Competition 2002, 2nd prize