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Bregenz Campus Schendlingen-Vorkloster

The design concept takes the form of an understated three-storey building which responds to the precedent set by its surroundings. The partly enclosed courtyards punctuate the two upper floors and each creates four clusters which receive daylight from all sides. Each cluster consists of three classrooms and one staff room grouped around versatile shared spaces. An axis of circulation, cloakrooms and washrooms unite the clusters into a patchwork configuration of closed and open rooms. The ground floor accommodates all general functions and specialised teaching facilities. The main entrance faces a generous neighbourhood square along Wuhrwaldstra├če, where a tree canopy provides comfortable, dappled shade during breaks and free time.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Julia Grund, Tobias Beyrer, Johanna Brunner, Roland Gmeinder, Nina Kozin
Client: Stadt Bregenz
Competition 2014, commendation