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Egg Social centre

The local topography has been shaped by the Bregenzer Ache and Pfisterbach river valleys, while the man-made context owes its character to a kindergarten, heat generation station and existing school with sports hall, all of which contribute to the sense of place. The design, which comprises a social centre and assisted living facility in the form of two offset linear volumes, has adopted its underlying structure from these surroundings. The two buildings receive the most natural light possible while also benefitting from conscientiously designed outdoor space. Facing the street is the nursing home’s three storey volume, while the assisted living block occupies a two storey building behind. The nursing home is subdivided horizontally and vertically into zones in order to create a gradual transition from public to private areas. The chapel occupies a central position on the ground floor. The assisted living centre is divided into two residential quarters on each floor, oriented either eastward or westward. Characteristic elements drawn from traditional architecture in the Bregenzerwald have been reinterpreted and tailored to this project. Configured from a sparing selection of different elements, the façade owes its versatility to the ease of customisation. Local timber used throughout the interior stimulates all the senses and creates a homely atmosphere within a natural, familiar set of colours and materials.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Martin Ladinger, Christian Schmölz
Client: Egg Local Council
Competition 2009, commendation