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Rankweil Social centre

The new social centre is housed in a clear, three storey volume which reacts to the local context on all sides, with subdivisions helping it blend in to the scale of the neighbourhood. The building is oriented lengthwise along Bahnhofstrasse. Despite standing behind the row of houses fronting the street, the social centre still makes a significant contribution by creating a generous public square around the Hörnlingen Guesthouse. An angled lounge- and circulation zone is the focal element containing all shared functions. Three room clusters of varying sizes open off this zone, their position informed by openings in the surroundings. The rooms are laid out along both sides of the circulation route so as to create courtyards with views towards the Swiss mountains or Rankweil’s Basilica. Every shared and private space is oriented outwards. Structurally, the new building has been devised with a solid construction and timber internal finish. Outdoor areas are tailored to residents’ needs. The garden east of the social centre is divided into a variety of flowerbeds and grassy areas which serves as a garden for people with dementia, changing in fragrance and colour in tandem with the changing seasons.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Martin Ladinger, Michael Cukrowicz
Client: Sozialzentrum Rankweil GmbH
Competition 2005, 2nd prize