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Sevelen Sports hall

Open fields and marshes typical of the Rhine Valley define the setting for a new school and athletics halls extension. The clear volume stands apart in the northeast corner of the property, creating a new focus in its vicinity. Such conscientious positioning also serves to simplify future additions to the school. The clear definition of building and outdoor areas simplifies orientation. The sports hall is a large but sharply defined rectangular volume punctuated by a select few large openings.  The foyer and cloakroom act as a central node from which all other functions can be reached. A canteen, kitchen and the therapy rooms are located on the short ends, while the stands, multipurpose room, kiosk and lounge run along the length of the building. The sports hall is sunken one storey lower. Changing rooms, sanitary facilities and equipment storage are all located on this lower level. Both the sports hall and the changing rooms have direct access to the outdoor playing fields via a second staircase. The partly covered south terrace is a versatile informal space used by the daycare. The sports hall is lit from a ribbon window in the north façade, as well as via rooflights to guarantee even light ingress.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Martin Ladinger, Christian Schmölz
Client: Sevelen Local Council
Competition 2008, 4th prize