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Vogt Sports hall

The new building is conceived as a sharply defined volume precisely placed on the north-east edge of the site, creating a new sense of place. The sports hall is organised within a compact envelope, articulated by a few carefully placed openings. Hall, foyer and youth centre occupy the ground floor; while naturally lit and ventilated changing rooms occupy the floor above.  Spectator areas with mobile stands run the length of the top floor corridor. Competitors and spectators each have separate entrances. A continuous band of windows in the north facade is the main source of daylight in the sports hall, with a linear roof window admitting more light from the opposite side. The hall will be built in solid materials; the concrete structure visible from the interior. Non-load bearing elements, including cladding and acoustic panels, are created from durable plywood. The interplay of open and closed façade surfaces defines the building’s outward appearance: the alternation of seamless façade cladding and thoughtfully placed openings visualises the dynamic of the internal organisation. By omitting every second cladding plank, the changing rooms gain privacy and sun shading which works together with the matted glazing to temper the light, creating a comfortable atmosphere.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Christian Schmölz.
Client: Vogt Local Council
Competition 2007