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Bregenz St. Gebhardstrasse Development

As a reaction to the monotony of the urban context, the new building assumes a somewhat larger form. The design concept centres on the creation of a landmark and an iconic element for the entire neighbourhood, and as such represents a subversion of the established notions of hierarchy and interrelationship of building to setting. In doing so, the design draws on the ‘communal courtyard’ structure typical of settlements of the regional South-Tyrol-typologies, but reimagines it for today’s lifestyle. Three-storey buildings along edge of the property reference the predominant height in the neighbourhood while also enclosing generously sized, inviting new public squares. Penthouses set back from the main façades crown every building. Together the new buildings form a ring-shaped estate. This theme is carried through from the site’s boundary to its core, being applied to both the architecture and the landscaping. The main outdoor square is conceived not as an inner courtyard, but more as parkland designed to offer escapism, sunlight and calm. This proposal has been informed by the context’s unique characteristics and acts as ambassador for the desired and necessary new typology there. It is an unprecedented enrichment for the area and its residents, embodying symbolically and physically the theme of „togetherness‘.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Philipp Schertler, Tobias Beyrer with Lohrer Hochrein Landscape Architects Munich
Client: RhombergBau, Bregenz
Competition 2015 2nd Prize