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Kreuzlingen Swimming pool expansion

The extension to Kreuzlingen’s swimming pool complex joins the grid layout established by the school volume to the south of the site. By assimilating into this fixed geometry, the new architecture is not only distanced from the neighbouring cluster of villas by a subtle angle but also aligns to the main access route, logically joining it to the circulation within the pool hall. The rotation between the two grid systems extends the outdoor area towards the access route. The new pool hall stands in the centre of the open space between the school and neighbouring villas, with a second volume connecting old and new while housing the entry, distribution and service functions. A solid pedestal houses the main circulation routes; upon which stand the two swimming pools as pavilions in a large open space. Movement within the swimming complex is focussed on a central axis running tangentially to the new addition. Bathers get interesting glimpses of the main pool area along the way, culminating in a new viewing window overlooking the original swimming pool. By composing the new complex of simple, independent volumes, the architecture develops as a harmonious ensemble of simple structures, clear circulation routes and legible internal functions.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Simon Metzler, Christian Schmölz, Johanna Brunner
Client: Stadt Kreuzlingen CH
Competition 2013 3rd Prize