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Timber Manufactory Kaspar Greber Bezau

The design of the new production shed adopts the theme of solid, closed forms topped with lanterns used in the original structure. This rounds off the complex into a closed unit. The lofty hall is bounded by a closed layer on both short ends: by an automated pallet storage system to the north and by an office- and service-zone with a covered loading bay to the south. Between the existing halls and the new build, there is now a semi-enclosed courtyard for manipulation and internal logistics. All structural elements are contained within a single volume and appear to be surmounted by a lantern, the cantilevering roof of which creates a distinctive canopy towards the courtyard. The lantern is covered in a ring of translucent ribbed panels which provide daylight to the inside and, when the sawmill operates after dark, from the outside the volume appears to glow. All vertical structural members are conceived in timber: both the warehouse and the office block in timber frame with ceilings from pinstripe elements customised for their room’s function. The main hall structure stands between the warehouse and offices. The slender BauBuche frame is composed almost entirely of interlocking members which can be produced simply in the client’s own facilities. This frame stands on twin pillars, also from BauBuche, which carry the warehouse crane as well.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Tobias Beyrer, Lukas Glogger
Project Team: Philipp Schertler [PL], Clemens Hämmerle, Theresa Hölz, Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm
Client: Timber Manufactory Kaspar Greber, Bezau
Competition 2015 1st Prize, Realisation 2017-18