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Vienna Museum at Karlsplatz

The new museum derives its form from the axial layout of St. Charles’s Church and Schwarzenberg Square. By mirroring the Technical University and Concert Hall, the new museum gets its shape. Redefining the urban form somewhat, the new museum simultaneously embeds itself into the old urban structure and asserts a self-evident new presence. The volume shares with Vienna’s baroque urban palaces an unmistakable identity and self-confidence, which serves a dual purpose: museum architecture and city architecture in one. The existing building – a protected monument – has been completely preserved and integrated into the new scheme. The new building adopts the orthogonal neighbourhood layout of the Music Association and Künstlerhaus to the north. In deference to these neighbours, the new structure has been placed at a slight angle to the west of the original building. Two axes bind the former pavilion with the greater urban pattern, a strong, self-assured building block. A calm garden courtyard occupies the museum’s core: an oasis in the centre of the pulsating city. Heights were carried over from the existing building and carried through the circulation areas into the new building.  This creates a variety of step-free ways through the whole building and a simple connection between old and new. Six-meter high rooms in all three storeys offer flexibility for all new exhibition areas. A panorama floor surmounts the city’s new addition and opens beautiful views towards its treasures.

Design team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Martin Ladinger, Michael Mayer, Daniela Miller with
Vogt Landscape Architects Zurich, Gmeiner Haferl Civil Engineers Vienna, Peter Messner Climate Engineers Dornbirn
Client: Wien Museum
Competition 2015 / open international / 274 entries / 2nd round / 7th place