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Konstanz Waldhaus Jakob Hotel

Standing where dense woodlands give way to the open expanse of Lake Constance, the project is heavily influenced by the nature reserve-like character of the surroundings as well as the hotel’s high quality existing buildings. Typical villas make up the surroundings. Views in any direction from the site reveal panoramas which are each completely unique but all memorable. The hotel complex is designed in response to this context, taking form as a compact, pavillion-like building.  The three storey new building adopts the subtle fan theme of the two existing buildings and will stand, pivoted slightly, west of the existing coach house. The compact volume serves to leave views of the sea and forest as open as possible.  The floor plans radiate in a windmill formation from a central circulation core. A continuous terrace which varies in depth according to direction nudges the volume into a rough rectangle and encourages lounging outdoors. The terrace is designed to express pure levity and inviting openness, while reinforcing the pavilion theme. Native timber, which is used throughout, lends the interiors a sensuous, haptically rich atmosphere and a direct relationship to the material of the surrounding parkland and older hotel buildings.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Philipp Schertler, Michael Mayer, Lukas Glogger
Client: Waldhaus Jakob Besitz Gesellschaft, Radolfzell
Competition 2016, 2nd Prize