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Wolfurt Event Hall Cubus

Standing on a large public plaza between a clubhouse and secondary school, the Cubus event hall raises the standard for architecture in the area. Asymmetric openings infuse the strict volume with tension and vitality, while the slate cladding speaks of a restrained, self-evident character.  Precise, clear proportions pervade the entire building, from the double-square plan, to the coherence of the internal layout and cross section, to the cladding and window positioning. Cubus opens to the south through a single, low opening in the shade of a louvered overhang, while the north is dominated by a ribbon of glazing in front of the main auditorium’s timber frame roof. To the east, a two-storey “showcase” celebrates the main entrance and the stairs leading to the gallery.

— Otto Kapfinger (1998), Architecture in Vorarlberg since 1980. Verlag Gerd Hatje, Stuttgart

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Lothar Huber, Hubert Bischoff, Bernhard Breuer, Markus Cukrowicz, Jakob Keckeis, Guenther Lampert, Peter Muxel, Christian Nefischer, Ivo Walt, Andreas Woerndl.
Landscape: Kienast Vogt Partner, Zürich
Photographs: Ignacio Martinez
Client: Marktgemeinde Wolfurt
Competition 1994 1st Prize, Construction 1998