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Wolfurt Strohdorf masterplan

Wolfurt is organised around two cores: the mature historic centre, and the political centre anchored by the town hall, schools and cultural amenities. Outside of these areas, settlements are scattered along Hofsteigstraße, the main transport artery. Wolfurt Town Council sought a thorough plan for the countless intertwined routines and demands, prerequisites and goals, potential and possibilities, changes and challenges in play on the Strohdorf site. This masterplan will then form the basis for new buildings. In essence, the masterplan focusses on a scenario allowing the gradual development of the following modular components: extension/replacement of the music school, spatial development concept, adaptation/demolition of the fire station, additional sports halls, homework clubs, further education, extension of the library, adaptation of the school to new forms of teaching,  general wayfinding, the Hofsteig-Adler street project, a new location of the town hall, playground- and park concept, transport- and parking solutions, ecologically sensitive interventions at the urban level, green area concept, public realm design.

Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Andreas Falch, Markus Cukrowicz
Client: Wolfurt Town Council
Selection process with presentation of strategy and masterplanning
Delivered: 2011-2012