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Ranked 5th Competitonline Ranking 2020
Holzkirchen Secondary School 3rd Prize
office space for rent
new office location
Hugo-Häring-Auszeichnung 2020
Dornbirn Haselstauden 1st Prize
Au Primary School and Double Gymnasium
Chapel of Remembrance
Administrative Building Appenzell 1st Prize
SCHØN Conference 2020
State Award for building culture Baden-Württemberg 2020
"Vorarlberg - a generation dialogue" - VAI
Weingarten Student Residence 1st Prize
Opening Philologicum Munich
"Vorarlberg - a generation dialogue" - AZW
Kallesser Housing Estate Marbach 1st Prize
Open-Air Museum Visitor Centre 1st Prize
Vorarlberg Univ. App. Sciences 1st Prize
Introductory video Munich concert hall
German Architecture Award 2019
Statement AIT Dialog
International Architecture Award 2018
Munich Concert hall planning start
AIT Award 2018
Die Presse Schaufenster
Frastanz Centre Development 1st Prize
Munich Concert Hall 1st Prize
Wattwil sports centre 1st Prize
Vorarlberger Holzbaupreis 2017 - Ecology
Vorarlberger Holzbaupreis 2017 - SFH
Widnau Nursing Home 1st Prize
Berlin Museum of 20th Century 5th Place
Institute Physics Campus Garching 1st Prize
AIT Award 2016
Best German Book Design 2015
DAM Architectural Book Award
International Architecture Award 2014
Monograph CN
Best Architect's Award 2014
Portrait Modulør
Portrait Baumeister
Portrait Architektur & Bauforum