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Hard Am Dorfbach apartments

The theme of point-block architecture seen in the neighbouring Old Mill was adopted in the design concept for this new apartment complex. Six three- to six-storey blocks scattered throughout the site create a new neighbourhood on the Wolff Textile Company’s former premises, and architecturally unite the new development with its surrounding context.  The careful positioning of each building has resulted in a subtle increase in density towards the town centre. The Old Mill stands at an angle to the new development, creating not only an easily recognisable icon for the area but also underlining its architectural and historical importance. Despite the high density called for in the brief, the design provides generous open spaces between buildings. These unbuilt surfaces accommodate a variety of garden areas with good views in all directions. Pathways unite all parts of the new neighbourhood and are intuitively linked with existing streets and pedestrian routes.  Concrete and steel is used in the construction of all buildings: reinforced concrete slabs resting on steel pillars and braced by concrete cores. Prefabricated timber elements are used on the façades. Sliding metal sun shades in varying colours define the exteriors, bringing a sense of movement to the characteristic clarity and order of the timber elements.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Anika Kienzle, Johanna Brunner, Clemens Hämmerle, Christian Schmölz with Cukrowicz Landscapes, Winterthur
Client: i+R Wohnbau GmbH, Lauterach
Competition 2013