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Balmenalpe Panorama Restaurant

The panorama restaurant is situated on the peak of Balmenalpe with fantastic views across the surrounding mountainscape. The design’s clear, sculptural form is a response to this special location. The existing basement will be extended lengthwise and surmounted by the restaurant, which takes the form of a single-storey covered viewing platform. The view is reinforced as a design theme by the cantilevering upper level; the sense of remoteness thereby enhanced. The asymmetrical organisation is a source of further interest. By organising all hospitality functions together on the entrance level, the design offers the optimal conditions for both staff and guests. The remaining space above the plinth is used as a sun terrace. Construction is according to a streamlined system of prefabricated timber elements resting on a concrete plinth. The external walls each function as a storey-high truss with prefab glulam floors and ceilings mounted in between. All facades receive a durable skin in the form of strong, untreated planks of varying widths. The use of wood for all interior and exterior surfaces creates a homogeneous, sculpted and inviting timber form.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Martin Ladinger, Michael Cukrowicz
Client: Schilifte Lech Ing. Bildstein GmbH, Lech
Competition 2005, 3rd prize