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Dornbirn Bank for Tirol and Vorarlberg

The proposed concept is based on a phased realisation of the brief. The first phase contains only the bank’s new headquarters and event area. In the second phase, a fan-shaped speculative addition is placed across the roughly triangular site. Ultimately this would sensitively fill a neglected gap in the urban structure. The underlying concept of the new bank HQ is based on the principle of continuing the urban structure west of Bahnhofstraße, for which a sharp four storey volume fronting the surrounding streets is foreseen. All functional areas are grouped in a compact ring around a three-storey central atrium. Above that, the top floor hosts the event centre, with auditorium and reception area situated in the best location and under the highest ceilings. A roof light brings daylight into the atrium. The vertical divisions in the facade are reminiscent of the classic distinction of plinth, walls and crowning roof. Full-height prefabricated concrete elements, tinted in warm colours, regulate the degree of transparency in the facade as dictated by the particular function within. The facades thereby oscillate subtly between the themes of transparency and discretion. Windows framed in patinated brass convey a sense of understatement and gravitas.

Design team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Christian Schmölz, Tobias Beyrer
Client: Bank für Tirol und Vorarlberg AG
Competition 2013