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Bodnegg Town Hall

The south German town of Bodnegg owes its distinctive skyline to a drumlin which lies beneath the town centre. A well-preserved ensemble of buildings flanks the tree-lined main street, providing a baroque backdrop along the ascent to the church, rectory, graveyard and historic ‘Engel’ guesthouse at the drumlin’s peak.  Bodnegg’s 19th century town hall stands prominently on a raised site overlooking Lindenplatz; its understated grandeur lending a certain landmark significance as the centerpiece of the historic ensemble. The concept for the town hall’s expansion works with established traditions, adopting the original building’s themes of axial symmetry and self-containment. The existing town hall will be restored to the clarity of its underlying geometry and extended upwards by a half-storey in height. Auxiliary functions, including the lift, stairs and toilets, are contained in an unpretentious new service building which continues the symmetry of the existing façade. The restrained elegance of the original building will be preserved and enriched by the unobtrusive increase in height. Though this approach may initially seem unconventional, it has ultimately led to an uncompromisingly user-friendly and economical solution which is sensitive to its historic context.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Tobias Beyrer
Client: Gemeinde Bodnegg, Germany
Competition 2013 1st Prize