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Feldkirch Chamber of Labour

Located between Feldkirch’s medieval old town and the Ardetzenberg Hill, the Chamber of Labour’s existing premises had grown in phases; continually reshaped by extensions and conversions. The aim of our design is the development of a coherent complex in which each of the main building phases is still legible. The quality of the two existing buildings will be enhanced by subtle interventions, while the new training centre forms a clear, restrained but self-confident volume directly adjoining the administration building. The seven-storey building delineates the old town from the Ardetzenberg, while also developing visual links between the hill and the medieval urban core. The building is divided into three horizontal layers. All office and teaching spaces are clustered intuitively into two zones neighbouring the transparent, inviting central lounges. Both narrow sides of this central zone open into double-height spaces, their distinctive spatial character serving to simplify navigation within the building. The floor plans have been conceived with flexibility for future adaptations in mind.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Christian Schmölz, Martin Ladinger with Cukrowicz Landscapes, Winterthur
Client: Vorarlberg Chamber of Labour (Arbeiterkammer Vorarlberg)
Competition 2006, 3rd prize