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  • Geserhus Nursing Home Rebstein

    The nursing home’s surroundings are characterized by a south-slope slope. A plateau rising gently to the east acts as an intermediate level in the course of the slope, which is today occupied by a scattering of striking mansions. The Villa Tanner is the most noteworthy of these mansions and, together with a valuable tree population, gives the site its identity. Towards the south, a terraced garden gives way to an “unrolled carpet” of vineyards from which the area got its name and unobstructed panoramic views. Based on the existing building of the Villa Tanner, which defines the rules for position and scale when building on this site, a new ensemble is being developed, taking into account the mature trees. A central square with a large, solitary tree defines the centre point, from which all buildings are developed. The retirement and nursing home is situated northwest of the villa. The composition of the building is based on two interlinked but offset rectangular structures. On the one hand, this offset prevents the new building from exceeding the neighbourhood’s established scale; on the other hand it responds to the neighbouring structures and the road to create pleasant, manageable outdoor spaces. Two freestanding residential buildings form the structural extension to the northeast of the villa.

    Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Tobias Schnell [PL], Stefan Prattes with Vogt Landschaftsarchitekten AG Zürich.
    Client: Zweckverband Geserhus Rebstein
    Competition 2019 3rd Prize