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  • Ludesch Kindercampus

    In the traditional village of Ludesch, a new children’s campus is being created in a gradual metamorphosis. Against the backdrop of the church and the community centre, our project is developing as a composition of two simple structures positioned offset from each other. The primary school and kindergarten are organised together in a compact three-storey structure; the new multi-purpose hall can be built at a later date. Both volumes define new places and spatial sequences as orderly pieces with fit together, including well-proportioned open spaces assigned to the respective uses. The proposed concept includes the smooth operation of the overall facility even with the temporary preservation of the existing multi-purpose hall. The current system of a linear layout is replaced by a two-dimensional space-creating concept. The existing school path, which is important for the local path network, is retained. The local planning concept intends to create a new and coherent place with clear spatial formations through precisely placed building volumes with well-proportioned and differentiated open spaces, to make its contributions simultaneously to the village and the space in the immediate vicinity, and to generate operationally and economically sensible project phases through simple, logical building sequences. These are all inextricably linked decisions to combine architecture, programme and urban planning into a specific whole that is only suitable for this location and to provide contemporary and future-oriented answers to the questions posed, especially with regard to ecology, economy, sustainability and the requirements of modern pedagogy. Different spatial qualities develop individual atmospheres and distinctive places. These qualities are supported by a sustainable and tactile material concept predominantly made of renewable wood.

    Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Tobias Schnell (PL), Paul Moritz Keul in Zusammenarbeit mit Merz Kley Partner Bauingenieure, IBS Linz, Martin Stocker Modelmaking Hohenems.
    Client: Municipality Ludesch
    Competition 2022, Commendation