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  • Marianum Bregenz Kindergarden

    A two-story structure with a square footprint encloses the existing courtyard and completes the striking building ensemble of the Marianum Education and Children’s Campus within a compact layout. The precise positioning is derived from edges and outlines of the existing buildings. It complements the composition of sharply cut volumes of varying heights, creating a homogeneous overall impression while emphasising the special typology of the chapel. The two-story design creates a scale suitable for children, especially in the area of the inner courtyard, and develops a balanced interplay of different heights in dialogue with the existing volumes. The compact typology maximizes the open space while minimizing the footprint. The floor plan is conceived as a windmill and orients all group areas equally in all directions. The location of all main rooms (movement room, dining room and group rooms) in the corners of the building with open balconies in between admit light from almost all sides. Four precisely positioned core zones define the spatial interplay of enclosed secondary room areas and open, generous lounge zones. A central staircase defines the centre of the building and leads floor-by-floor into four spatially differentiated and self-sufficient group units. The children’s house is constructed as a simple timber building. All surfaces inside and outside are also made of regional woods, they are designed for durability and robustness and convey a good atmosphere in a natural material environment. The appearance is characterised by a horizontal façade structure of low parapet bands and open window zones alternating with semi-transparent filters. All roof surfaces are planted. The white façade creates references to the cubic white architecture of the existing facility. 

    Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Matthias Wild, Johann Quechenberger, Tobias Schnell, Martin Stocker Modelmaking Hohenems.
    Client: Feldkirch Diocese
    Competition 2021, Commendation