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Salzburg Paracelsus baths

This project takes place within the hallowed setting of Salzburg’s Spa Garden. The spine formed by the congress centre, Hotel Sheraton and new panoramic baths acts as the transition into the perimeter block urban structure north of the city centre.  High quality landscaping and prized mature trees throughout the Spa Garden, Bastion Park and Mirabelle Gardens together lend the project’s site a noteworthy and unique character, enhanced by views to the old town and the castle looming above it. This setting demands an intervention which embodies the qualities not only of the immediate parkland context but also those of the city, and which can be a genuine enhancement to both. The design responds to the complex brief and setting with a simple form. The design concept is based on the concept of stacked volumes. Two obliquely placed four storey volumes are perceived first as transitional elements where urban density gives way to open parkland. They contain the spa and office building, each occupying a corner position and creating the plinth for the landmark main element containing the baths and sauna area. This concept generates an utterly unique panorama spa at Salzburg’s Spa Garden: views across the old town while swimming in the tree canopy high above the rooftops.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Johanna Brunner, Clemens Hämmerle, Martin Ladinger
Client: Stadt Salzburg Immobilien GmbH
Competition 2012