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Lustenau Rheindorf Kindergarten

Cukrowicz Nachbaur’s concept for a new kindergarten building is housed in a discrete two-storey building in reference to the urban grain as well as to the building heights of its setting. The building stands pavilion-like at the corner of the site, to maximize the south-west facing area which can be used as a playground and create a forecourt between the new building and the walls of the adjoining cemetery. The rhythmic arrangement of rooms within resembles a board game or a musical score. The seemingly simple building layout makes internal navigation intuitive while creating an engaging series of spatial experiences. Visual connections throughout the interior mean that the conscientious and extremely economical layout does not detract from the kindergarten’s spatial or atmospheric quality. The new kindergarten is organized across two storeys. The open areas accommodate the main common functions, such as group-, movement-, event- and general purpose rooms. All auxiliary functions, such as cloakrooms, sanitary facilities, storage space and circulation, are housed in enclosed volumes. Structurally, the new kindergarten has been conceived in timber. Vertical cladding and shading are balanced with ribbon windows to create an interplay of vertical then horizontal detailing. The interior surfaces are finished in warm timber panelling.

Design Team: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Christian Schmölz, Simon Metzler
Client: Marktgemeinde Lustenau
Competition 2011 [Acquisition]