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Bregenz Seespange

The public offer of a reward requires a bridge as a crossing solution of the problematic situation Landesstrasse and rail trace. >> According to the detailed analysis of functional and formal aspects, from parameters like height differences, bicycle suitability, binding of platforms and underground parking, a passage solution with a high spatial experience value is suggested. This solves by a logical road guidance and a sensible linking of all existing traffic routes the crossing of rail and street fascinating simply and naturally and generates by its better usability and the fluent motion sequences becoming a maximum acceptance.
The view axes from the city to the lake are conditional topographic, to read as typical for place and to keep.
The binding of the new arch at the sea arrangements generates a new place creation in the area of the bandstand. The anew formed place in the parking bay acts as a new joint situation between festival performance district and city centre. The a little higher costs in comparison to bridge seem secondary according to the essential formulation of the tasc.                                                                

Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm, Martin Ladinger, Christian Schmölz, Martina Berlinger, Adolf Krischanitz, Sarah Miebach, Andreas Meili, Florian Riegler, Roger Riewe, Anna Pedziwiatr.
Client: Stadt Bregenz
Competition 2010